JM Lapp Plumbing & Heating, Bird-In-Hand, Pennsylvania, is CONTRACTOR's Contractor of the Month for February. Find out why we at CONTRACTOR believe JM Lapp Plumbing & Heating is a top-notch contractor.

1. What makes JM Lapp Plumbing & Heating unique when compared to other mechanical contracting companies? 

At JM Lapp we strive to give our customers a WOW experience in every aspect of our work. The value we put on the techs in the field, equipping and empowering them to give great service to the customer is all about the WOW experience. We focus on building relationships, so the customer knows they are more than just a job. We provide plumbing, radiant heating, HVAC, and water treatment service and installation for residential, and commercial customers. We also have a retail store for the DIY person.

2. How many trucks does JM Lapp Plumbing & Heating have? What type of trucks (make and model)?

We currently have 11 ford E350 box trucks (they have a Spartan box) for our install and service techs. We have a 2011 dodge minivan for the service manager to look at project and meet clients as needed, and we also have a 2009 Chevy pickup and a 2016 Chevy suburban as sales vehicle.

All together we have:

  • Three service trucks
  • Two HVAC install trucks
  • Five plumbing install trucks for commercial and residential
  • One spare box truck (this was the first box truck we bought in 2006 and is still the trucks we are buying today)
  • Three sales/supervisor vehicles

3. What are the most used tools at JM Lapp Plumbing & Heating?

We have five propress tools and they are used every day for remodel projects and hydronic heating systems, we have a protable threader for running gas lines. Each of the service trucks has an analyzer for flue combustion. We also use Dewalt power tools for all aspect of what we do. Other brands we use are Milwaukee, Ridgid, Testo and Field Piece.

4. What equipment is most installed during residential/commercial jobs? 

For HVAC we install Amana HVAC equipment for both residential and light commercial. Amana has a wide range of products that accommodate our customer needs. One of our favorite systems to install is a high-efficient heat pump system with a gas furnace back up. This provides our customers a really efficient system. 

For hydronics we install Burnham K2 boilers. We install a lot of radiant heat for commercial and residential (this past year we have installed approximately 25-30 K2 boilers and installed many miles of radiant tubing (we use heat link tubing). 

For plumbing we install all brands of fixtures, including Moen, Delta and Kohler being the main three. We install Bradford White water-heaters. We use Franklin Electric well pumps and we us PEX piping for our water lines. 

Overall, the most installed product brands are Amana, Burnham, Delta, Kohler, Moen and Samsung. 

5. What makes JM Lapp Plumbing & Heating a great place to work? 

Culture! Here at JM Lapp we have designed a culture that is built on team work. We make sure everyone on the team knows how much they contribute to the company’s success. We make sure everyone has goals and drivers that help them succeed at their jobs. JM Lapp is a growing company that contributes its success to a great group of people all pulling together to succeed. The team work goes the extra mile to help everyone at JM Lapp excel at their roles and give the customer an excellent experience.