GPS Insight, among the leaders in GPS fleet tracking technology, announced an integration partnership with ServiceTitan. ServiceTitan is a top business management software for home service companies that integrates phone, GPS, customer, and sales data into a single, comprehensive solution that streamlines operations, improves customer service, and grows home service businesses.

GPS Insight’s Marketing Director, Ryan Driscoll, believes that this is will be a strong partnership. He said, “With the increasing demand from service companies for connected software applications, it makes sense to have this established partnership between a leading GPS fleet tracking provider and a top business management software for seamless business intelligence.”

With a simple, turnkey integration process, GPS Insight customers are now able to directly connect their vehicle location data into ServiceTitan’s robust dispatch board to make more efficient dispatching decisions. Customers of both systems can get the most of their vehicle location data through more streamlined job scheduling and at-a-glance identification of available technicians for nearby jobs.

“The integration with ServiceTitan and GPS Insight has greatly improved our business operations,” said Carolina Silva, Dispatcher for Plumbing Medic, a leading Arizona-based plumbing service company. “It has helped our company accurately track technicians’ arrival to jobs. By doing so, we are able to determine the average time of completion for different job types from arrival to departure. With this knowledge, dispatchers are able to confidently schedule customers. Overall, the integration has helped us be more efficient in the way we schedule.”

For more information about integrating other software applications with GPS Insight, visit the company's integrations page.