ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES PMG)—the experts in plumbing, mechanical and fuel gas listings, is pleased to welcome Falcon Stainless, Inc. as the first PMG client to take advantage of the ICC-ES’  new Affiliate Program.

The Affiliate Program supports ICC-ES PMG clients, by increasing the visibility and awareness of their products in the plumbing, mechanical and fuel gas industry through a number of additional marketing support initiatives. The most important initiative is the linking of clients’ reports and listings to ICC’s digital codes portal, premiumACCESS, which had over 3 million site visits in 2016.
"ICC-ES is pleased to see Falcon Stainless take advantage of this affiliate program, offering manufacturers opportunities to increase awareness of their ICC-ES PMG listings," said ICC-ES PMG Director Dawn LaFleur-Qualley.”   
The ICC-ES Affiliate Program consists of 3 affiliate levels (Gold/Silver/Bronze) for purchase and valid for 12 months from the date of application. Affiliate benefits differ for each level and include the following:

  • Digital Codes - premiumACCESS linking of evaluation reports and listings (Click here to view example screen shots)
  • ICC-ES News Releases on New ICC-ES Report or Listing (Bronze/Silver/Gold Level)
  • ICC-ES Affiliate Recognition - Profile/Logo/Website link on Affiliate page (Gold Level)
  • Unlimited Acceptance Criteria (AC) Access (Gold Level)

     To become an ICC-ES Affiliate, please click here for application and payment. For more information, contact an ICC-ES Connect+ Customer Care representative on 800-423-6587 ext. 1 or email es@icc-es.org